Ryan Newman Fan Posts Throwback '500' Photo as They Cheer Him on During NASCAR Race

Ryan Newman fans have been showing their support for the injured driver all week since the shocking accident that closed the Daytona 500. The fiery crash sent Newman to the hospital and left many concerned for his wellbeing. but he proved to be a "walking miracle" by leaving the hospital on Wednesday and quickly getting out and about.

Sunday revealed that Newman suffered an undisclosed head injury in the accident but he was more worried to give his thanks to fans for their support.

"The outpouring of emotion from not only the NASCAR community, but across the country, has been truly humbling," Newman said as part of a statement on his condition. "I want to personally thank everyone including the Man upstairs for their support, encouragement and the numerous offers of assistance."

Many fans were behind Newman all week, including those who have been fans for years and supported him throughout NASCAR's biggest contests.

Fan Elizabeth Christopher and her son are two of those fans, sporting their Newman shirts and cheering him on during the Daytona 500 back in 2016.

She included the hashtags "Newman Fan Forever," and, "Need for Speed," with her photograph.

Other fans have shared similar photos and stories, giving plenty of support to Newman as he recovers. One fan referred to him as a "walking miracle" after he made an office visit following his hospital release. Others have shared their personal moments, like Max Giguere and the moment he met the NASCAR driver during a visit in New England.

"[Very] happy to see Ryan doing fine! By looking at this, I had a flashback about you all couple years ago from that restaurant in New England. (I was the one who took the pic) A cool moment I will never forget. Hope to meet you all again someday!" they wrote earlier in the week.

NASCAR fans have been vocal about all aspects of the sport this week alongside the concern for Newman. The latest information about the crash itself left some fans divided, with questions about how the accident happened and the cause of its severity leaving many pointing fingers. There was also plenty of praise for the medical team that attended to Newman on the track.

"The value of the Medical Team can never be overstated. They train for worst case scenarios and fortunately, due to safety improvements by NASCAR, incidents such as Ryan's (high impact -low frequency) are managed expertly and quickly by the AMR Team... another great improvement," a fan wrote on Saturday.


Other fans were just happy to see an end to rain on race day, using the sight of a rainbow as a good omen going into Sunday's race.

"It means I'm tired of rain and wanna see a race," one fan wrote as blunt as possible.