Ronda Rousey Rips WWE Fans, Blames Them for Bray Wyatt's Release

Ronda Rousey believes WWE fans played a big part in Bray Wyatt's release. The WWE Superstar and former UFC star went to Twitter to lash out at the fans who didn't pay attention to Wyatt's matches. Wyatt's release was surprising as he was one of the more popular superstars on the roster.

"I've seen you same "fans" chanting [We Want Wyatt] last night chanting 'We want beach balls' over [Bray Wyatt] performing," Rousey tweeted. "If the [WWE] treated him like he was expendable it was because you ungrateful idiots did first." Rousey isn't the only pro wrestling star to have a strong reaction to Wyatt's release. AEW star Cody Rhodes spent years in WWE and was recently asked about Wyatt being let go.

"Bray Wyatt was my rookie in the second season they did of NXT. The Rotunda family and the Rhodes family, they certainly go way, way back," he said, per Wrestling Inc. "I can't comment on if I see a spot for him, when it comes to us, but I can tell you, he's an incredibly creative individual, an incredibly creative man. And whenever I see someone like that lose their job or move into the next phase in their career, as someone who left WWE on my own, at the time, that was super unheard of to leave. I can't be everyone's sounding board, but I really want to be."

Wyatt has tackled multiple characters in WWE, but his two most notable personalities are "The Eater of The Words" and "The Fiend." It has led to him winning the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship twice. WWE and WCW legend Arn Anderson talked about Wyatt on his ARN podcast in March and explained why WWE doesn't view him as a top star despite his success.


"He was scarier to me in just the Bray Wyatt role then he is in the monster role," Anderson said, per Wrestling Inc. "I know what he can give you as a character, the promos he did as the Bray Wyatt character to me, was something we missed the boat on. You [should] not have beat him 10 pay per views in a row, there's a thought. No matter how good you are, you as fans realize after three or four pay per views in a row, the guy's not a top guy. I thought he was but apparently, nobody else does so I'm going to move on."