Rebecca Budig Reflects on Her Time as WWE Host (Exclusive)

Rebecca Budig is a familiar face in TV shows and movies nowadays, but her career almost took quite a different path. A few years after her time on Guiding Light and a few years into her run as Greenlee Smythe on All My Children, Budig landed a role in one of WWE's (when WWF's) weekly broadcasts. Back in 2000, the actress, who stars in CBS' new movie Fit for Christmas, was an on-screen interviewer/host for Sunday Night Heat when it moved from USA Network to MTV. It was a brief run for Budig, but she remembers it well— even if it wasn't a totally positive experience.

"I do have a lot of memories from that," Budig told in a recent phone interview. "It was a very interesting experience for me. I remember them having me do cartwheels in a little skirt, and I thought, 'Yeah, not for me.'"

However, the experience working with WWE wasn't all negative for Budig. She specifically complimented Mick Foley — also known for his in-ring roles as Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love — for his kindness behind the scenes. "I remember Mick Foley was maybe the nicest man I'd ever met. I loved him. ... I just remember (him) being one of the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest guys I ever met."

She called the whole sports entertainment genre "fascinating" but noted it just wasn't for her at that time, due her focus on All My Children, which she remained on until 2005 (and later returned to from 2008-2011).

"I just didn't really understand wrestling," Budig admitted. "And when I got hired to do it, I think they thought that I would really sort get into the whole genre. And I was so busy on All My Children. It (Heat) was kind of like my second job, so I couldn't keep up with it. But it was a really interesting experience in my life."

While the actress likely won't be on Raw or SmackDown any time soon, Budig's holiday film is streaming now on Paramount+. Fit for Christmas sees Amanda Kloots as Audrey, a fitness instructor trying to save a community center while balancing a romance. Budig plays Audrey's friend in the movie.

Fit For Christmas
(Photo: Michael Courtney / CBS)

"My character's name is Lisa. I run the cafe, the coffee shop in town, with my husband Jim (Darryl Hinds). And I'm Audrey's (Kloots') best friend," Budig said of her role. "Audrey comes back to town, and the rec center, where my coffee shop is, is threatened. My character's sort of resigned to try and find another place. But Audrey comes in and she gives us all hope and kind of tries to help save the rec center. I'm a supporting player, supporting my best friend."

Fit for Christmas premiered on CBS earlier this month and is now streaming via Paramount+.