Pro Golfer Jack Nicklaus Confirms Positive COVID-19 Test, Details Recovery

CBS spent the weekend covering the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide. Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus was part of the broadcast team and turned heads when he revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19. Nicklaus said that both he and his wife Barbara, who both turned 80 this year, tested positive in March and later made full recoveries.

Nicklaus shared the news with viewers when the broadcast returned from a weather delay. He explained that Barbara had no coronavirus symptoms while he had a sore throat and a cough. They tested positive in March and remained at their home in North Palm Beach, Florida. They were finally "done with it" about April 20 and were able to express excitement about their full recovery.

"It didn't last very long, and we were very, very fortunate, very lucky," Nicklaus said. "Barbara and I are both of the age, both of us 80 years old, that is an at-risk age. Our hearts go out to the people who did lose their lives and their families. We were just a couple of the lucky ones. So we feel very strongly about trying to work with the people that are working with those taking care of those who have COVID-19."

While the news was surprising to several viewers, there was one person that previously knew about the positive coronavirus tests. Tiger Woods, a five-time winner at the Memorial, revealed that he had known for some time. "The fact that they got through it and they're safe and here and healthy, it's all good news for all of us who are a part of golf and who looked up to Jack and [have] been around Barbara all these years," Woods said.


Nicklaus, the creator of the Memorial, held a press conference on Tuesday and said that he would shake hands with the winner. Although he wouldn't force them if they didn't want to. The longtime golfer said he is willing to show support in other ways.

"If they don't want to shake my hand, that's fine, I'll give them a fist bump or an elbow bump, but I'm not going to give them COVID-19, so that's ... I wouldn't put anybody in that position," Nicklaus said Tuesday. He also said that he has antibodies so he "theoretically" can't give or get the coronavirus.