'Monday Night Football': How to Watch Bills vs. 49ers

The Buffalo Bills are looking to finish the season strong and win their first division title since 1995. But with the Miami Dolphins only a half-game game behind the Bills for the AFC East lead, Buffalo will need to beat a tough San Francisco 49ers team. The Week 13 edition of Monday Night Football will air tonight at 8:15 p.m on ESPN. It can be streamed on the ESPN app and the Yahoo Sports app.

The Bills are coming off a 27-17 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. Quarterback Josh Allen scored two total touchdowns in the win and continues to play at a high level. Tonight's game against the 49ers is a personal one for Allen. In October, Allen told reporters a story of how he was shot down by a former San Francisco Giants player when he was a kid.

"We were in the tunnel and the player had a really good game, and it was probably an hour after the game and there were maybe ten kids left," Allen said as reported by SF Gate. "My parents are begging us like, 'Let's go, let's go, he's not coming out,' but sure enough he came out, and like I said there are probably ten kids left and instead of looking and waving or maybe even giving us fist bumps or whatever, he just turned his cap to the side and kept walking."

Allen was a Giants and 49ers fan as he grew up in Firebaugh, California, a small town located outside Fresno. He will be looking to take down the 49ers tonight, and while the team has had their struggles, the 49ers are not a team that should be taken lightly. Last Sunday the 49ers earned their biggest win of the year by taking down the Los Angeles Rams 23-20. Wide receiver Deebo Samuel caught 11 passes for 133 yards while the defense forced four turnovers. The biggest challenge for the 49ers is the location as they moved their operations to Glendale, Arizona, which is also where they will play their home games due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I just try to stress to people that everyone is going to be at different levels and some people are going to deal with this different than others," 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Thursday. "You read about the NBA players in the bubble and all the mental issues they went through and stuff. Those guys were at least allowed to hang with each other. We're not. So, we're basically just in rooms here."