Meet Genesis Davila, Former Miss Florida and Mason Plumlee's Rumored Girlfriend

Mason Plumlee is an NBA veteran who has been getting a lot of attention recently due to the rumors surrounding him and a person he's reportedly dating. According to Awesemo, the star Detroit Pistons player is dating Genesis Davila who is a model and former Miss Florida USA. The two have not been seen in public, but Davila reportedly visited Plumlee, 31, in Detroit.

"I have tea on Mason Plumlee, he’s messing with this girl/'model' named Genesis Mary Davila," the report from Awesemo stated. "Mason followed her on IG with his spam account (plums2020) and she flew out and went to his games IMMEDIATELY. She’s still doing some light modeling after winning miss Florida USA. She’s heading out to Detroit right now. She went to Orlando a few days ago and went to the game."

Davila, 30, was born in Puerto Rico and lived in Miami Beach, Florida. Along with being named Miss Florida USA in 2017 and 2018, Davila competed in Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant 2013 and was named Miss World Puerto Rico in 2014. In 2016, Davila represented Miami Beach in the Miss Florida USA 2017 pageant and won. However, Davila was dethroned a few days after the pageant due to allegations of her breaking pageant rules.

This led to Davila filing a $15 million lawsuit against the owners of the Miss Florida USA pageant, seeking damages for defamation. Davila held the crown for six days and was looking forward to competing in Miss USA as well as getting an appearances package worth about $100,000 according to the Miami Herald. TelAir boss Grant Gavitt dethroned Davila after receiving "30 to 40" complaints from other contestants indicating that Davila received make-up help.


"I am innocent," Davila said at the press conference at the time, as reported by PEOPLE. "All these false allegations have taken me completely by surprise. I have faced many challenges in my life, but nothing like this. I am honest, hardworking, who was raised in ideals and principles. I am putting all my faith in my attorney and the justice system to prove my innocence and save my reputation."

The lawsuit was dismissed, but Davila won Miss Florida USA in 2018 and made the Top 5 of Miss USA 2018. She remains active on social media and is now reportedly dating Plumlee who has played with four different NBA teams since being drafted by the Brooklyn Nets in 2013. In his career, Plumlee was named to the NBA All-Rookie Team in 2014 after posting 7.4 points and 4.4 rebounds per game.