LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Delivers Coronavirus PSA Fans Need to Hear

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has a reputation as someone that can command a room with his presence. Players, fans, and members of the media alike pay attention when he is speaking. Now he is using this ability to promote safety amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards posted a video on Twitter recently that featured Orgeron. The National Championship-winning coach was delivering an important PSA to residents of the state and explaining how they could prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In effort to make the message effective, Orgeron used the analogy of learning a playbook. Although these Xs and Os focused on handwashing techniques.

"For every winning team, a key to success is learning the playbook," Orgeron says in the video. "That's true in football, and it's also true as we take on the coronavirus. The spread of coronavirus is a serious matter, but there is a gameplan for keeping residents as safe as possible. Everyone has a role to play as we face this challenge together."

Orgeron then explained how to properly cough into the crook of your elbow. He didn't want anyone using their hand to cover their mouth while coughing. Additionally, Orgeron told residents to thoroughly wash their hands for a full 20 seconds. Proper handwashing technique has been a prominent talking point amid the coronavirus outbreak, and the LSU head coach is driving this point home.

Hygiene was not the only topic discussed by Orgeron in the PSA. He also brought up the fact that there is a limited amount of tests available and that those concerned about their health should call their doctors prior to going to the hospital.

"I watched all the way to the end and he didn't even say Geaux Tigahs," one Twitter user wrote after watching Orgeron's PSA. There were several fans of the Tigers that fully expected the head coach to sign off with his iconic "Go Tigers" phrase. They were left disappointed despite learning some important information about preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

While Orgeron didn't say the fan-favorite phrase, he did make them pay attention and decide to practice proper handwashing techniques. In fact, one fan said that Coach O is the only person that can get them "pumped about fighting off viruses." They now want the LSU head coach to deliver every press briefing.


(Photo Credit: Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)