Kobe Bryant's Daughter Natalia Is All Smiles as She Shows off New Hairstyle

Late Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant's daughter, Natalia, recently drew attention on social media. She posted a photo on July 3 and showed off a new hairstyle. The 17-year-old posed in her car and showcased long braids.

"Obsessed with these braids!!!" Natalia wrote in the Instagram caption. Several commenters responded by saying that they are "obsessed" with Bryant's daughter. Ciara, on the other hand, said that 17-year-old is "so pretty." Jessica Alba simply responded with the word, "love." The praise was universal following Natalia's post.

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While fans proclaimed their adoration for the new braids the day before Independence Day, Natalia continued to show off different hairstyles. She posted three other photos showing her with long hair. These black and white images were part of a photoshoot involving both Natalia and her mother, Vanessa.

The opportunity to look at the new braids and comment is a newer change for Natalia fans. She recently made her Instagram account public after weeks of privacy. The 17-year-old joined Vanessa in making the change, and they both released a statement to explain the decision.

"Thank you so much for all the love and support. Many of you may have noticed the recent switch to a private account," Natalia said in a statement. "My mom and I have had to, unfortunately, block fan pages because they keep reposting our pics. This makes it 10x harder to deal with our loss. We hope that people understand that although these fan pages have good intentions, they make moving forward harder since they are constant reminders. Blocking the accounts have helped change the algorithm but we can not go public until the fan pages stop. We love all of your sweet intentions and hope you understand. Always, Natalia."


Vanessa released a similar statement and said that they had to make their accounts private in order to change Instagram's algorithm. She said that it's really hard to go online and "constantly see pics" of Bryant and her daughter Gianna after their deaths in a Jan. 26 helicopter crash. The family expressed appreciation for the support from constant fan pages and said that they "love everyone," but they needed to make the privacy change. Only by doing so would they expedite the healing process and continue the mourning process.