Kings' Richaun Holmes Violated NBA Bubble Rules to Get Chicken Wings

The NBA has very strict rules about leaving the bubble in Orlando, Florida, including a mandatory 10-day quarantine for any unapproved departures. Sacramento Kings player Richaun Holmes recently dealt with this penalty when he left the bubble for some takeout. Now he has revealed that he did so to procure some chicken wings.

Speaking with TMZ, Holmes confirmed the report about picking up wings. He said that he knew where many of the bubble borders were, but the particular area where he left was unfamiliar. Holmes also explained that he picked up some wings with a BBQ and lemon pepper mix. He called them solid but wouldn't say if it was worth the 10-day quarantine to get the wings.

"I ordered some food, ordered some wings and went to grab the wings and I wasn't really too aware of the borders," Holmes said. "I kinda knew what was going on, but the area I was in, I wasn't aware. I stepped out, grabbed the food and came back and they just let me know they want me to be as safe as possible and had to enforce the rules and I completely understand that. Won't make that mistake again."

As Holmes continued to explain, he remained in his room for the 10-day quarantine period. He continued working out and utilized the punching bag available to get out some aggression. Holmes said that he is trying to get in the best shape possible ahead of the NBA return and working on his boxing helped with this pursuit. He also took part in some sprint drills.

With his time in quarantine complete, Holmes will now prepare for the upcoming NBA restart. The Kings will kick off the backstretch of the season on July 31. The first game will be against the San Antonio Spurs, followed by a battle against the Orlando Magic.


Along with Holmes, another NBA player returned to his team after remaining in quarantine. Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook did not head to Orlando with his team due to testing positive for COVID-19. He remained in isolation at his home before testing negative.

Westbrook made the trip to Orlando on Monday, where he had to go into quarantine once again for two more days. During this time, Westbrook had to test negative twice before rejoining his teammates on the practice court. He took part in Friday's exhibition game against the Toronto Raptors.