Kali Muscle, YouTube Bodybuilding Personality, Hospitalized After Heart Attack

YouTube influencer and bodybuilder Kali Muscle shocked fans with a video from a hospital bed on Sunday after suffering a heart attack. Kali grew in fame thanks to his persona on YouTube and his workout routines. Still, the scary hospital trip has given him a wake-up call.

"Make sure you guys take care of your health. That's what I've been talking to you about anyway. And you know, God is using me as an example," Muscle emotionally said in the video posted to his channel. "Some people don't get a second chance, man. I got my twins and I gotta live, man."

Kali Muscle's heart attack comes on the heels of Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden's death at just 46 years old, with reports indicating he also passed due to a heart attack. Kali revealed that he ignored the warning signs and cautions from people in life, including a physical that spotted trouble with his heart. The YouTube star also admitted that he suffered from edema for years, tracing it back to when he was a teenager.

Like most, it was something he ignored as a young man feeling invincible. Usually, it takes something like an emergency stent and hospital stay to change course or realize that time is always coasting forward.

A flood of supporters sent their best messages to Kali Muscle on social media, hoping for his healthy release from the hospital and a long life ahead of him. Marc Lobiner posted a get well video for the YouTube star, while many started to call for better health standards in the fitness and bodybuilding world. Some also were sure to include the idea of steroids into the discussion, a very real issue that has taken many professional athletes over the years.


"Bodybuilders are dropping left and right in the last couple months. Kali Muscle is in the hospital after a heart attack. Y'all be careful doing what you do if you know what I mean," one fan wrote. "People blaming PEDs but Kali Muscle admitted that in prison he'd eat between 6-8 ramen seasoning packets a day. Dude's blood pressure has got to be otherworldly," another added.