Hope Solo Reveals Her Dog Died From Blood Loss After Being Shot

Hope Solo is mourning the loss of her pet dog who died after being shot last week. The former U.S. women's soccer star took to Instagram to announce her dog Conan died due to blood loss. Conan was one of the five dogs Solo and her husband Jerramy Stevens owned, and Solo shared a few photos of Conan on her Instagram post.

In the caption, Solo said how upset she was about Conan's death. "We're brokenhearted to share that Conan passed away from blood loss last night," Solo said. "He fought up until the very end.‬ We're crushed. Just a dog running through the woods, trying to make his way home. We bought our 60-acres so our dogs have space to run and live their most full lives.‬ Conan was kind and loving. He wandered 30 yards off our property when he was shot. As animal lovers we are struggling to make sense of anyone using their right to own guns to shoot pets of any kind. We have had pets come onto our property and always helped them get home safe.‬"

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When Conan was shot last week, he was rushed to the animal hospital and listed in critical condition. Solo said at the time that Conan would need a new front leg and asked her fans for any information on how they could get that done. The news of Conan's death comes after Solo gave birth to twins in March. The athletic company Uninterrupted shared a video of Solo holding both of her children - one in each arm.

"Please meet Vittorio and Lozen Stevens, both born in the middle of a pandemic on March 4th. It has been incredibly stressful times for us, we've been out in public more than we wanted to be but we would like to thank all of the incredible nurses and the doctors who helped take care of our babies during our time in the NICU, and we'd also like to thank all of the health care workers who've been on the front lines fighting this pandemic day in and day out," Solo said in the video.


Solo was a member of the national team from 2000-2016 and helped the squad win one World Cup and two Olympic gold medals. She currently holds the U.S. record for most clean sheets. Solo was also a three-time All-American while playing soccer at the University of Washington.