Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wins Boxing Debut

A former WWE Superstar looked strong in his boxing debut. Earlier this month, John Morrison (real name John Hennigan) took on Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein in the co-main event of Creator Clash 2. Morrison defeated Morenstein in the third round after scoring knockdowns in the first two rounds. Morrison was trained by mixed martial arts veteran Josh Barnett and lost up to 30 pounds for the match. Creator Clash 2 took place at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. 

In February, Morrison appeared on The Spotlight to talk about how the boxing match came together. "It is kind of hard to find an opponent for Harley. I met iDubbbz and everyone at Creator Clash 1 when I was in Dad's corner, and it was so electric and I was so pumped up that I think everyone could tell I was excited about boxing and the event," Morrison said, per Fightful. "I got a call from Ian and Anisa, basically, a little while ago, and they asked me if I would consider fighting and I said, 'Yeah,' and then they asked if I would consider fighting Harley. 

"I only know two people closely, him and [Dad]. I would rather fight someone who is not my friend. Then, he took the fight. They texted me back and said, 'Harley said he would fight you.' I was like, 'I guess I'll fight him.' Then, I thought about it, and realized that in the world of pro wrestling, I don't hit anyone harder than I hit my friends. I've knocked Sheamus' teeth out before, and we laughed about it the next day. When I started thinking of it along those lines, okay, we're just going to punch each other until one of us can't stand up anymore, and I hope he's still my friend after that." 

Morrison competed from 2002-2011 and again from 2019-2021. During his time with WWE, Morrison won Tough Enough III, the ECW World Championship, the Tag Team Championship six times and the Intercontinental Championship four times. After leaving WWE in 2021, Morrison spent time on the independent circuit as well as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Major League Wrestling. Before returning to WWE in 2019, Morrison competed in Impact Wrestling, where he won the Impact World Championship in 2018.