Deion Sanders Walks out of SWAC Media Day Interview After Being Called 'Deion'

It sounds like Deion Sanders is very serious about being called "Coach Prime." According to the Clarion-Ledger, Sanders, who is the head coach of the Jackson State football team, walked out of an appearance at SWAC Media Day on Tuesday. He apparently wanted to be called "Coach" and not "Deion."

"You don't call Nick Saban, 'Nick.' Don't call me Deion," Sanders told a reporter from the Clarion-Ledger. "If you call Nick [Saban], Nick, you'll get cussed out on the spot, so don't do that to me," Treat me like Nick." Sanders then reportedly walked out of the event after being called by his first name a second time. Nick Suss was the reporter Sanders was talking to, and he later said he always refers to coaches by their first name.

When I interview people, I call them by their first name," Suss said. "Whether it's someone I've been working with for years or someone I'm talking to for the first time. This is true of the coaches and players on the Ole Miss beat, the coaches and players at Mississippi State and Southern Miss when I help out covering their teams and, as recently as January, even Sanders, too."

Sanders later went to social media to set the record straight on the situation. "This is how all of this started, I really Pray for all of us because this was something so minimal that was hilarious to me that you allowed a FOOLISH media outlet and person to play on your Preconceived notions," Sanders wrote in an Instagram post. "I'm all about Peace, Love, Work, Commitment, Sacrifice & Forgiveness. Stop allowing folks you don't have a relationship with to convince you otherwise about someone you do have a relationship with."


Sanders then stated: I had a GREAT TIME AT THE HBCU PRESS CONFERENCE & I NEVER LEFT. I LEFT THE FOOLISHNESS BECAUSE I've learned the gift of walking away from Mess. Ladies and Gentlemen stop allowing disrespect! People will do what they think they can get away with!" Sanders went 4-3 in his first year at Jackson State. He is known for being one of the best cornerbacks in NFL history, selected to the All-Pro team a total of 10 times and winning two Super Bowls with two different teams.