Dale Earnhardt Jr. Admits He's 'So Lucky' in Look Back at 2019 With Wife Amy and Daughter Isla

Dale Earnhardt and his wife, Amy have been married for three years and he has enjoyed every minute of it. On Instagram, the NASCAR legend posted a photo of the two along with their daughter, Isla, and he took a moment to reflect on 2019 as well as wishing his wife a happy anniversary. In the caption, Earnhardt wrote: "Happy 3rd anniversary to us. I'm so lucky. We are kicking ass at this marriage/parenting thing too. Ready for 2020!"

This led to a number of Earnhardt's fans showing love to the family in the comments section. One fan wrote: "Congrats what a beautiful family you have, so blessed."

"Happy Anniversary to my favorite NASCAR couple!!" another fan wrote. "Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us, too!!"

"Congratulations y'all!" a third fan added. "You are the best. I'm glad God brought you together. Happy New Year and many blessings to you and your precious family."

"Awwww how sweet!" a fourth fan wrote. "Congratulations to you both! Happy New Year's to you and your family!!!!"

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2019 was a very wild year for the Earnhardt family as they were involved in a plane crash. The incident happened in August in Tennessee the crash was so bad, the plane caught on fire. The good news is the entire family and the two pilots were able to escape the crash safely and Earnhardt was the only one who was sent to the hospital for minor injuries.

"Amy and I want to thank everyone who has lifted us up with phone calls, messages, and prayer since last Thursday," Earnhardt said in his statement after the crash. "We are truly blessed that all on board escaped with no serious injuries, including our daughter, our two pilots, and our dog Gus. With respect to the investigation, we will not be speculating or discussing the cause of the accident. I am thankful for the quick response of my pilots, local law enforcement, emergency personnel, and hospital staff. Lastly, Amy and I continue to be very appreciative of the privacy extended to us to process everything. It has been important to do that together and on our own time."


The Earnhardt family was able to move on from the crash and enjoy life. And by the looks of things, 2020 will be an exciting year for Dale, Amy and Isla.