Cowboys and Dak Prescott Unable to Reach Agreement, and His Brother Just Threw Some Massive Shade

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott entered Wednesday with hours remaining to agree upon a long-term contract extension. This agreement did not occur, forcing Prescott to play the 2020 season under the one-year franchise tag, and his brother strongly reacted. Tad Prescott threw major shade at the Cowboys and threatened to stop cheering for his brother's team.

"There is a reason I was never a @dallascowboys fan growing up or before they drafted @dak after today, who knows how much longer I'll be cheering for them," Tad tweeted on Wednesday afternoon. This statement prompted a vast number of responses. Some Cowboys fans agreed with the shade and said that owner Jerry Jones just "needs to pay" Prescott. Others strongly disagreed and said that the QB needed to stop asking for so much money.

"He turned down the second highest contract in NFL history before mahomes signed. He can kick rocks," one Cowboys fan wrote in response. Others voiced a different opinion, pleading with the team to make Prescott a "Cowboy for life." The arguments continued throughout the afternoon as Tad laughed about the responses.

Prescott originally signed the franchise tag tender on June 22, guaranteeing that he will remain in Dallas throughout the 2020 season. He will also earn $31.4 million on the one-year tender. Prescott's agent, Todd Francis, and the team continued to work on a long-term extension throughout the offseason but were unable to agree. Now the two sides can't negotiate until the season comes to an end.


NFL reporter Jane Slater tweeted that Prescott got involved in the negotiations as time ran out. He was reportedly interested in a deal that included $50 million guaranteed and averaged between $33-35 million annually. With the talks falling through before the deadline, Prescott's future with the franchise is now in danger, especially if he plays at an MVP level.

There are several teams potentially searching for a new quarterback — such as the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts — at the end of the 2020 season. This situation means that there could be several options for Prescott if he doesn't want to remain in Dallas. If he departs and heads for Chicago or a different destination, Tad will quickly shift his allegiances. He made it very clear on Wednesday that he wasn't a Cowboys fan before the team drafted his brother in 2016. He certainly won't root for them if Prescott heads somewhere else.