Watch: Cat Rushes Coors Field During Rockies vs. Dodgers

Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies faced off at Coors Field, a game that [...]

Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies faced off at Coors Field, a game that the California team won 11-6. There was a brief delay in the action due to an unexpected visitor. A cat raced onto the field and brought the game to a halt.

The incident occurred during the eighth inning of Friday's game. A long-haired gray cat ran along a brick wall behind home plate before jumping down onto the field. The athletic feline raced along the third-base line and sprinted into the outfield. It ultimately took up position near LA's Cody Bellinger.

While the outfielder appeared to be amused by his new companion, he did not approach the cat. He remained at a distance until a Coors Field staff member came to corral the animal. The staffer chased down the cat, picked it up, and headed toward the outfield gate. They met up with another staff member before the cat escaped their grasp and headed out into the night.

According to Cory Little, a Rockies spokesman, the cat did not injure either of the Coors Field staffers. Little also explained that there are several feral cats that live around the baseball field. "You never know what you are going to see at a Rockies game," Little said.

Animals interrupting athletic events is a fairly common occurrence. There have been several games across multiple leagues that have dealt with cats, birds, and other animals. One example is a cat that interrupted the Thursday Night Broadcast of a Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins game.

The moment took place in 2017 as the Ravens were winning 40-0 against the Matt Moore-led Dolphins. A gray striped cat ran down the sideline late in the fourth quarter, causing the game to temporarily stop. It ran around the Dolphins sideline while Jim Nantz and Tony Romo provided commentary.

"That's what I want to see," Nantz said as the slow-motion replay highlighted the cat's running ability. "Look at this, Jim, this is how you ran in high school," Romo added. "Perfect form, extension, and doesn't even get fazed that there is people around. Look at the change-of-direction [ability]. Does he get both feet in right here at the end, Jim?"