Pink's Husband Carey Hart Jokes About Needing 'Black Market Toilet Paper' Amid Shortages

With rising concerns over COVID-19, there has been a run on toilet paper. Shoppers have emptied store shelves all over the country, prompting Charmin and Cottonelle to manufacture and ship even more products. Some individuals, such as former motocross star Carey Hart, are taking an alternative approach to the situation.

Hart posted a photo on Instagram recently that showed his feet on the bathroom floor. Between them was a cardboard roll signifying that he had run out of toilet paper. He was making light of the situation and joked about hunting down some of "that black market toilet paper." His fans appreciated the humor, but were also distracted by only one sock being worn.

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"Uh oh. Had to use a sock. Save the right one for later so you flush an even pair hahaaa," one fan responded on Instagram. There were several concerned about how Hart would make it through the day after running out of an essential commodity. This resulted in several jokes about his socks.

"Our employees are working around the clock to ensure our products, manufactured right here in the U.S., get to you as quickly as possible," Cottonelle said in a statement Monday. "In the meantime, please reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns."

There isn't a direct correlation between contracting the coronavirus and using toilet paper, but the store shelves have still been completely cleaned out in recent days and weeks. According to psychologist Mary Alvord, there is comfort in knowing that the toilet paper is there.

Hart is not the only celebrity trying to make his fans laugh in light of more serious recent events. Country singer Jason Aldean also attempted to combat the toilet paper shortage in a unique way. Instead of using socks or heading to the black market, however, Aldean opted to use his old CVS Pharmacy receipts and posted a photo showing them wrapped around the toilet paper holder. This was not the "ideal" method for cleaning up, but Aldean was making do with what he had available.

The toilet paper shortages have caused some issues for buyers in search of their everyday necessities. However, Hart and many other celebrities are responding by trying to bring humor to their fans. The one-sock photo on Instagram was just the latest example.


Photo Credit: Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Autism Speaks