Bubba Wallace Goes After NASCAR Driver Who Wrecked Him at All-Star Race Qualifier

Bubba Wallace was ready to make some noise at NASCAR's All-Star race. However, the NASCAR star was not able to take part in the event as he was involved in a big crash in the NASCAR All-Star Open, which is the qualifying event before the All-Star race. The crash happened 17 laps in the event when Michael McDowell appeared to turn Wallace into the wall, which destroyed his No. 43 car. Wallace was OK, but he had a lot to say about McDowell.

"Just disrespect. When you get hooked the right rear into the wall - I don't even need to see a replay," Wallace said to Fox Sports after the race. "People say one of the nicest guys in the garage. Can't wait for the God-fearing text he's going to send me about preaching and praising respect. What a joke he is."

Wallace could have qualified for the race by winning the All-Star open or winning the fan vote. Last week, NASCAR announced Wallace was leading the fan vote but Clint Bowyer ended up earning the spot. Had Wallace not been in the crash, he would have likely won the fan vote and competed for the $1 million prize.

Wallace has been through a lot in 2020. From getting NASCAR to ban Confederate flags at races to having an apparent noose in his garage stall at the Talladega Superspeedway, Wallace has had a season he will never forget. The noose controversy led to President Donald Trump sending a message to Wallace accusing him and NASCAR of lying about the incident.


"There were so many things I wanted to say, but I would've been stepping down to that level," Wallace said on Steve Harvey's STEVE on Watch last week. "Think about it - stepping DOWN to the president's level." Wallace went on say that "BS tweets from the President of the United States is considered a defeat, but what you do is you show love and come out on top...that's what you do." Wallace is the only full-time Black driver in NASCAR and the drivers rallied around him when they heard about the noose incident. The FBI ruled the noose has been hung in the garage since October, meaning Wallace is not a victim of a hate crime.