Browns' Ryan Switzer Provides Update About Infant Son Following Medical Scare

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ryan Switzer posted a message on social media Sunday asking for [...]

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ryan Switzer posted a message on social media Sunday asking for prayers for his 9-month-old son. He revealed that the infant was in the hospital after waking up in his own blood, but the situation has now improved. Switzer revealed that his son is home from the hospital.

Switzer broke the news with an uplifting post on social media following the medical emergency. The infant, Christian, sat in the middle of the room with a massive smile on his face. "We're so thankful for a day like today after all this little one has gone through," Switzer wrote in his Instagram Stories. "He's finally home. Hoping he's turned the corner and through the woods."

"Great news [Ryan Switzer]. Prayers being answered!" former teammate Josh Dobbs tweeted in response to the uplifting posts. Many others echoed this sentiment while expressing happiness about Christian heading home from the hospital. Others said that they holding out hope that there will be no more issues in the future.

According to TMZ Sports, a team of doctors tried to find the source of the infant's bleeding. They ultimately decided to perform emergency surgery on Sunday. The doctors found "several sites of bleeding" during the procedure but could not find the exact cause of the issue. To add to the stress, the infant also tested positive for COVID-19.

The infant continued to experience bleeding issues following the emergency surgery. Christian lost a large amount of blood and required three infusions to stabilize his hemoglobin levels. Christian began to improve on Monday, leading to a positive update from Switzer. "There were no more bleeding spells overnight and all of [Christian's] labs remained normal," he said.

The doctors ultimately moved Christian from ICU to the floor after he experienced no more bleeding spells. By Tuesday, the infant had recovered to the point that the doctors felt comfortable sending him home to recover in the care of his parents. The medical professionals formally discharged Christian from the hospital and prompted exciting videos from Switzer.