Boston Sports Fan Sneaks Into Stadium During Red Sox-Yankees Game

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees faced off on Sunday afternoon. The Red Sox defeated their bitter rival by a score of 10-2, but only did so after a bizarre delay. A fan of the team made his way into Fenway Park and began throwing items on the field.

No fans can attend MLB games due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and many stadiums have opted to include cardboard cutouts in the stands. However, the man dressed in Red Sox merchandise got on top of the Green Monster in left field. He initially stood by two cameramen before climbing over railings and screaming at the players. Security ultimately apprehended the man and escorted him from the ballpark.

While the man entered an area where he was not allowed, the Boston Police did not arrest him. Instead, Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe reports that authorities took the trespasser to a nearby hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The game ultimately resumed en route to the Red Sox victory at home.

Multiple games have experienced delays for various reasons during the coronavirus-shortened season. For example, the Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates faced off in early August but had to temporarily stop their game. An unidentified individual flew a drone over the field and brought the action to a halt.

The incident occurred when Twins pitcher Jose Berrios stood on the mound looking to retire the Pirates. The Twins registered two outs but left the field before Berrios could strike out a batter. Both teams expressed frustration as they sat in the dugout, waiting for the game to resume. Some players even tried throwing baseballs at the drone in an effort to knock it out of the sky.


The game ultimately resumed after a delay. The drone flew high into the air over center field and then headed for the parking lot. It headed toward the parking lot and disappeared, prompting the umpire to resume the action on the ground.

Both teams expressed frustration during the delay with tweets about the drone. "We are in a...drone delay. We don't know. AL baseball is weird," the Pirates tweeted. The Twins also weighed in after the drone left, expressing frustration about the season. "2020 baseball, man. Play ball, again," the organization wrote.