NASCAR Driver Angela Ruch's Husband Mike Slams Kevin Harvick With Clown Emoji Amid '$50,000 Bounty'

Kevin Harvick has a $50,000 bounty for any full-time NASCAR Cup driver who competes in the Truck Series and defeats Kyle Busch in his next four races. Busch was asked about this last month and he seemed annoyed by the bounty. But one person who is even more annoyed is Mike Ruch, the husband of Truck Series driver Angela Ruch. Mike took to Twitter to call out Harvick for the bounty, also flipping the script, calling Harvick a "clown" and saying he'll give a $50,000 bounty to any NASCAR Cup driver who can beat his wife in a Truck Series race.

Angela responded to her husband's tweet by matching the bounty, making it $100,000.

"Thanks for the confidence and support babe!" Angela wrote on Twitter. I'll make it even better! I'll put up another 50k of my own to make it 100k! What do you say @marcuslemonis want to have some fun? Perhaps double it? Any else want in? I believe in myself 100% @NASCAR_Trucks."

The reason for the bounty is because Busch won his last seven Truck Series starts last year. He talked about the bounty on the Rubbin' Is Racing podcast last month, saying it won't happen.


"Right off the bat (it's a losing proposition)," Busch said per NBC Sports. "It's not going to happen. Nobody is going to pay the 140 grand to rent a truck, whether it's from me or from somebody else. (Show co-host Clint) Bowyer didn't tell you the fact he can't even rent a truck from me because I'm a Toyota team and he drives for a Ford team. So he has to go find a Ford truck in order to drive. So there's those complications that fit into all of this, too."

Busch and Angela Ruch will take part in the next Truck Series race which will be at Atlanta Motor Speedway this Saturday.