Venus Williams Reveals Her Hidden Talent off the Tennis Court (Exclusive)

Venus Williams and her sister, Serena Williams are among the best professional tennis players to date, setting the stage for not only women in athletics, but female players on the tennis court. While the world famous siblings are well-known for being professional athletes, Williams admits she's good at more than just sports. In fact, something fans might not know about the Florida native is that she's actually great at languages.

In an exclusive interview with, Williams went into detail about a few languages she knows and how she plans on spending her time during the off-season of tennis.

"I'm good in languages," Williams told, when asked if she had any hidden talents off the court. "My best language is Italian. The surprising language that I know a decent amount of is Chinese."

She continued to say that "it's not something that comes overnight, it's something that continues to click over time, but once you get started then it's easier than the start."

While she may know a few languages, she doesn't have a lot of free time to do much else outside of tennis. During the off-season, which is anywhere between four and six weeks, Williams says she wants to slow things down — or try to at least, with a possible focus on the various aspects of art.

"Well, one of my goals was to have time to have hobbies and then that went out the window of February this year, and I've been swimming for my life ever since," she laughed. "This off-season I want to just sit down and do art and I want to play the guitar, [but] I haven't had time to do that yet. I'm only one week in, but I know that by the time the weekend comes I'll get a moment."

Because she's so short for time during her this tight schedule, Williams made efforts recently to try and do touristy things in China when she was there for the Wuhan Open. However, she was quickly reminded on why she typically stays in when she travels to conserve her energy.

"On this particular trip, I got out more often. I made a concerted effort, it actually took a lot of energy and it actually wore me down a lot," she admitted. "Normally I would never do that because I save my energy for the court [but] I made some exceptions."

"A lot of times I do only see the courts and in a way it's a good thing because it means you're winning matches and you're busy here doing your job," Williams added.

Another way the professional athlete energizes for competitions is by staying healthy, which can be hard when traveling. But she recently partnered with Clorox to ensure her best efforts in staying cold and flu free this winter season.

"Well, it was a very natural fit because what I do, I have to be healthy," she said as a response when asked why she decided to team up with the company. "So I can't be sick. If I'm sick, I'm literally out of work. And it can happen at the most inopportune times."

Venus x Clorox 2
(Photo: Andrew Kelly/AP Images for Clorox)

"I'm always using my Clorox wipes to wipe down all my surfaces and to keep my environment clean so that way I can perform my best, and even more importantly, the last two years, I have a little niece, so we have to make sure that she's happy and healthy."

Venus x Clorox 3
(Photo: Andrew Kelly/AP Images for Clorox)

She added that she thought she was being health conscious when she had a dog, but now that she has a niece, she's extra cautious.

As of right now, Williams is just going to focus on getting as much rest as possible through the off-season as she gears up for big tournaments like the Olympics in the near future.