Social Media Reacts to Former MMA Fighter Turned Jeffrey Epstein Bodyguard Igor Zinoviev's 'Frightened' Admission

The death of Jeffrey Epstein sparked a bevy of conspiracy theories before the official cause was released at the end of the week. Many considered his death questionable during the week, with many details leaking out or being reported that led people to feel that things were shady.

One of the big releases was an interview with former MMA fighter Igor Zinoviev, a former UFC competitor whose career ended in 1998 and a bodyguard for Epstein. This led to an interview in New York Magazine where Zinoviev talked about his relationship to Epstein and some very scary, nervous answers that hinted at shadowy deals in the background.

This includes potential police corruption, Epstein's suicide and the illicit activities the dead financial figure was accused of being involved in. While the official cause of death is now suicide, the fighter alleged that someone helped make it happen and that people should be careful about digging too deep.

For curious folks, this just presented more questions to ask about the situation and the players involved.

"When Igor zinoviev starts recanting interviews from two years ago, you know that he has incriminating information," one commenter claimed on Facebook.

"Great job putting cross hairs on this guy. Poor guy," another added.

"This Igor Zinoviev interview is giving me all sorts of Parallax View vibes," a Twitter comment added referencing the Warren Beatty conspiracy film from the 1970s.

"This article is crazy! You can't convince me this guy wasn't threatened," a fourth wrote.

Despite the medical examiner's official report on the death, many are not ready to put the Epstein death to rest. There is the political engine that is running from both sides helping to keep it alive, tossing out conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton being involved while the other side claims Donald Trump is involved.

There are also plenty of claims about just a shadowy cabal behind the scenes with all power around the globe connected somehow, paying off the medical examiner and ensuring the cell was clear to take out the accused sex offender.


What doesn't seem to be covered is how the death of Epstein and its proximity to documents being unsealed related to his case on Friday might motivate someone to kill themselves. The opportunity was there and he took the chance, leaving it as the rational answer.

It's a bit dry for conspiracy, so it shouldn't be surprised that people are still gravitating towards that end of the pool.