Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts down the Bottom Line on Hot Wings

Former WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the toughest pro wrestlers to step in the ring, and when it comes to eating chicken wings, he has no problem taking down some of the hottest wings on the planet. Austin was recently on the YouTube Show Hot Ones and while he was talking about, he was eating wings that were very spicy. At the start of the, show Austin was eating wings that had a scorching level of 1,800. Austin did not break a sweat and he was able to eat the wings throughout the entire episode with no issues.

It only made sense for Austin to be on the season finale of Hot Ones since he knows how to close out a show. And it should be no surprise that Austin knows how to eat wings since he’s one of the best beer drinkers on television. Recently, Austin was seen on ESPN sharing tips on how to drink a beer.

"The most important thing to remember when you are chugging a beer is to swallow," Austin said. "And then, when you get a chance, breathe. Always breathe. A lot of people forget that. It's very basic."

That tip is how Austin was able to drink two beers at the same time. And it’s interesting this came up since NFL quarterbacks such as Baker Mayfield and Matthew Stafford. However, it all started when Aaron Rodgers tried to chug two beers at a Milwaukee Bucks game, but he failed to do so.


Austin has made his way back on TV on a regular basis as he the host of a new show called Straight Up Steve Austin which airs on Mondays on the USA Network. Along with the show, Austin had made appearances on Monday Night Raw as he was part of the reunion episode a few weeks back. He recently on the show this past Monday night and shared his thoughts on Seth Rollins who defeated Brock Lesnar for the Universal title at SummerSlam this past Sunday.

Austin retired from wrestling in 2002 due to a neck injury he suffered in 1997. When he was healthy, Austin was the top superstar in the WWE, winning the championship six times. He and Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” had a long feud that lasted until Austin left and those two helped WWE win the Monday night battle against WCW who had the show Monday Nitro.