Jennifer Lopez Teases Possible Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

Jennifer Lopez would jump at the chance to play the next Super Bowl halftime show, set to be played in 2020 in Miami, Florida. The singer said in an interview backstage of her It's My Party tour and opened up about the possibility of bringing her music to football's biggest stage.

Entertainment Tonight writes the location is an ideal opportunity for Lopez, who has close ties with the Florida city. She also shares a home with fiancé Alex Rodriguez in the city and they reportedly spend a lot fo time there. Lopez will also be gracing the city with three consecutive dates for the tour from July 25 to the 27.

"Yeah, we've thought about the Super Bowl and it's in Miami, it's a big deal but we'll see," Lopez told the outlet. "They make their own decisions over there."

Life on tour is a big thing for the singer and actress, who previously opened up in a new video titled, "It's My Party Tour Diary: Volume One" about struggling with her need for everything to be perfect.

In the clip she told her fiancé how she felt dissatisfied with her one of her performances which she described as a "tough show," after she hit herself in the face with her microphone and started bleeding. Rodriguez comforted her at the time by telling her she is doing magic up on stage every night.

"You don't see how great you are," Rodriguez told Lopez as he wrapped an arm around her. "You really have no idea."

Lopez spoke of the sweet moment with the outlet, saying that the former professional baseball player helps her feel better in a way no one else has been able to in the past.

"He was my hero that night, he was the MVP as they say," Lopez told ET. "I think because of what he's done and performing on such a big stage with the Yankees all over the United States, he understands my life in a way that nobody else really has, and we come from similar backgrounds and we really have a special connection that way, so yeah, he was amazing that night."

As for their upcoming nuptials, Lopez joked she hopes they can keep their cool on the special day, whenever it happens.


"I don't know, I hope that both of us are just standing up straight and don't faint," she joked.

The 2019 Super Bowl was caught in controversy as many fans of band Maroon 5 criticized the band for agreeing to perform as many artists boycotted the event after the NFL's treatment of Colin Kaepernick. Rihanna famously said earlier this year she had rejected the opportunity to perform in solidarity with the football player.