'Jersey Shore' Cast Member Schools President Trump on Global Warming

Vinny Guadagnino, best known for his time on Jersey Shore, flexed his political science degree on Thursday when he fired back at President Trump over climate change.

The President posted a snarky tweet about the frigid temperatures on the East coast on Thursday, implying that the weather was a valid argument against climate change.

Scientists are nearly unanimous in stating that day-to-day weather is not reflective of the ongoing damage to our planet's ecosystems that we refer to as "climate change." Many people said as much in response to the president's tweet, though Guadagnino might have summed it up best of all, saying that the weather had to do with "jet streams and s--- like that."

Guadagnino's tweet has nearly 41,000 likes and over 7,000 retweets at the time of this writing. The replies range from praise to threats, as Americans remain deeply divided over this urgent issue.

The Jersey Shore star wasn't the only one set off by the president's tweet. As usual, a slew of articles came out, compiling years of data and research to show how climate change is an direct result of human civilization and an imminent threat to our survival as a species.

The New York Times reported the consensus among many climate specialists that the planet's average climate will rise between two and seven degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. While that change might not feel like a cataclysm to the average human on the street every day, it would represent a catastrophic shift for the ice caps, the oceans, and many other ecosystems.

The result would be an extinction-level crisis for the entire planet.


For his part, Guadagnino became agitated when followers questioned his credibility in correcting the president. He seemed to resent the idea that his reality TV antics are a marker of his overall intelligence.