'The Voice' Star Sarah Grace Blasted by Fans Over Controversial Cover of 'Amazing Grace'

The Voice contestant, Sarah Grace brought a fair bit of controversy in her latest performance.

The 16-year-old singer from team Kelly Clarkson shocked fans of the NBC musical competition series when she performed an untraditional version of the iconic hymn, "Amazing Grace."

"The challenge of this song is to not scare America," she said during her rehearsal, as first reported by Country Living. "I'm changing 'Amazing Grace,' everybody. Fair warning."

Sarah performed the gospel classic, including also a "House of the Rising Sun" production element under the song, creating a mashup of sorts of both tunes. The singer also added a trumpet solo to the arrangement.

Clarkson said during the episode that she was all in on the changes to the iconic song.

"This idea is the coolest idea anyone I've ever worked with on The Voice has come to the table with," Kelly said.

At the time, the coach added some advice to the singer's trumpet-playing: "Is there a way you can make that sound dirtier? The dirtier the better."

At the end of the now viral performance, the singer earned applause from the crowd and received praise from Clarkson and fellow coach Jennifer Hudson.

"I love how this just displays your confidence, to be able to take 'Amazing Grace' and then make it your own and do something else different with it and take that chance," Hudson said. "That was extremely smart. It was beautiful."

Kelly echoed Hudson's words, saying Sarah's "insanely cool version" of the song was her favorite one she's ever heard.

Twitter was not as impressed with the fresh take on the classic tune, with many bashing the performance altogether.

"[The Voice] totally disappointed in Kelly and Sarah Grace 'Amazing Grace' is not meant to be disrespected like that. Haven't missed a season but this may be my last," one user wrote.

"Why would take a song like 'Amazing Grace' and make it sound like a seductive song? Sarah Grace is awesome, but that song was disturbing!" another one commented.


"I'm thinking that while Sarah Grace did an incredible job...I don't want to stand beside her when she sings a Christian song to the tune of the Devil! Good luck Darling but no points from me!" another added.

What do you think about the performance? The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.