'The Voice' Alum Marries Olympic Athlete

The Voice alum Whitney Fenimore just celebrated a lovely milestone in her relationship with Olympian Kendall Wesenberg. According to PEOPLE, the pair, who began dating in 2019, is married. Fenimore and Wesenberg wed in early June at the Tahoe Mountain Club in California. 

Fenimore, who appeared on Season 13 of The Voice on Miley Cyrus' team, spoke to PEOPLE about her relationship and nuptials. She explained that began dating in 2019 shortly after they began liking one another's Instagram photos. The singer said that after getting into contact, they "started talking, and we never stopped." Even though they had to go the long-distance route with their relationship for a period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their bond never wavered. 

On June 4, 2022, Fenimore and Wesenberg, a competitor on the Skeleton World Cup circuit, exchanged vows in front of 160 guests at the Tahoe Mountain Club.  The duo then kicked off their honeymoon with a trip to St. Barths. Fenimore, who noted that she and Wesenberg now live in their Nashville home together, said about their relationship, "There was always a part of me searching for my person, and that doesn't happen anymore, because she is literally right here next to me. It feels great to have a partner and a teammate and a built-in encourager. That's what Kendall is for me and hopefully that's what I am to her."

Fenimore did acknowledge that some members of her family had to come around to her relationship due to her "conservative Christian background." But, ultimately, they were able to celebrate their special day surrounded by love and acceptance. Wesenberg said about their wedding, "We decided when we were doing invites that we weren't going to make any assumptions about where people fell or what their beliefs were. So we sent out a note with our invite basically saying, 'We respect if, whether because of money or COVID-19 or religious views or whatever, if you can't be here wholeheartedly, we respect your decision not to be here. So, I think it was really great that so many people did show up."


Both Fenimore and Wesenberg said that they had an amazing time during their June wedding. Wesenberg acknowledged that everyone had a "blast," saying, "The dancing didn't stop. Whitney's parents were out there, and my parents were out there and our uncles and our cousins and our friends all got up and sang too."