'The Challenge' Alum Nicole Ramos Accuses Bachelor Nation's Chad Johnson of 'Disrespect'

Things between Ex on the Beach couple Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson are looking rocky for the first time.

After The Bachelorette alum and The Challenge star found unlikely connection together inside the MTV series' house, the arrival of Chad's ex, Maddie, shook the couple for the first time, with Nicole fully leaving the Malibu estate behind in Wednesday's all-new episode.

"I feel like my time on Ex on the Beach should come to an end, because I'm not gonna allow someone to disrespect me," Nicole told the cameras after watching Chad and Maddie flirt at the day's pool party. "My feelings were invested and he hurt them."

Admitting that when she's faced with situations when she feels vulnerable and hurt, "I just like to disappear," Nicole quietly packed her bags and left the house, only to be physically run down by a surprised Chad.

"I'm nervous to lose Nicole, because I saw her potentially as a longterm life partner," he told the camera after Nicole didn't accept his half-apologies. "I feel bad. I feel like I f—ed up today."

As Nicole waited by the side of the road, a producer intervened, asking her if she "caught real feelings in the middle of thinking you were just gonna be on a dating show."

"I feel stupid," Nicole responded. "I feel dumb for putting myself in the situation. I shouldn't have done it."

As Nicole's future in the house hung in the balance, Maddie didn't hang back on talking smack on Nicole, telling the camera, "I definitely think Nicole overreacted. You're in your upper 20s, I'm in my lower 20s, and I'm more mature than you."

Nicole eventually did return to the house, explaining, "It seems like it's a pattern for me to date people that I see red flags and not get out when I should. I can't move forward doing that in my life, so I have to change these behaviors and move on."

When Chad finally did have a conversation with Nicole, he explained that he didn't mean to ignore Nicole while chatting up Maddie, but "thought that was the policy" when an ex entered the house.

The two definitely seemed to have understood one another's point of view at the end of the confrontation, but that didn't mean Nicole was over what went down.

"I feel like with Chad and myself, we've worked through a lot of things, but I'm still on guard about the situation," she told the camera. "I'm not gonna fully invest just yet."

It's clear Nicole's emotions were still heightened at the elimination ceremony, too, when she aggressively told host Romeo she didn't want to talk about her relationship with Chad, storming off before the Bachelor Nation star coaxed her back.

"I'm not mad at anybody," she said, adding, "This experience is so overwhelming. I was so sure about the guy I wanted to be with outside of here until 48 hours ago."

Everything changed when Nicole had an ex of her own, Nate Sestok, show up in the house, dedicated to winning her back for good.

"Is Chaddy Daddy gonna have to drop a b—?" Chad asked the cameras after getting a taste of his own medicine.

Will the exes break Nicole and Chad up for good?


Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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