'Teen Mom OG': Catelynn Lowell Says It's 'Hard to Be Excited' About Pregnancy Amid Tyler Baltierra Separation

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's relationship troubles are impacting their ongoing pregnancy, the Teen Mom OG star admitted in Monday's all-new episode of the MTV show.

The couple, who shares 3-year-old daughter Nova and placed 9-year-old daughter Carly up for adoption when she was born, is currently expecting their third child together, a daughter to be named Tezlee. Baltierra, meanwhile, has admitted to being "miserable" in their marriage after caring for Nova alone while his wife was away in treatment through much of last year following a miscarriage that triggered suicidal thoughts.

"Tyler has been distant lately, so it's hard to be excited about this pregnancy," Lowell admitted during Monday's episode, as Baltierra admitted he had been going to fewer doctor appointments with his wife during this pregnancy than in the two prior.

The pair were also still adamant about going through with their 30-day trial separation during the pregnancy, while also working through their issues in couple's therapy.

"I hope therapy makes me feel more secure about our marriage," Lowell admitted before the couple asked that the cameras not follow them into their "private" session with a therapist.

Even Baltierra's mom, Kim Forbes, was in favor of the two taking such a drastic step.

"Something's gotta happen," she told Lowell and Baltierra. "I’m glad you guys are doing couple's therapy; I'm glad you’re doing the separation for 30 days to give you both space. Because you know Cate, I didn’t know who I was when I was your age, so I don’t expect you to know. But I hope to God that the separation makes you feel and look into yourself. What do you want to do? Who is Cate? What does Cate want?”

She concluded, "When it comes down to everything, you have to find out what you want too, not just what Tyler wants."

Lowell has also addressed the separation on social media, shooting down critics who have claimed the couple is just drawing out an eventual divorce.

"YES we are having a 30-day reflection period. NO we are not getting a divorce," Lowell wrote on Instagram recently. "YES I know what I put him and Nova through when I left for treatment. He was AMAZING and supported me the entire time. I also knew I had to go so I wouldn’t commit suicide. I am supporting what he wants now. We love each other and always will!"

"So my family would have been better off if I just took my own life? NO! Now GOODBYE I’m done explaining myself," she added.


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV