'Teen Mom': Maci Bookout Makes Admirable Lifestyle Change After Gas Station Shooting

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout is still dealing with the ramifications of the gas station shooting situation that she found herself in last year. She has been very open about how she's experienced PTSD after being involved in the ordeal, which took place in October 2020 at a gas station in Tennessee. On Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, the reality star took action when it came to her mental and physical health in light of that serious situation. 

The episode started off with Bookout's husband, Taylor McKinney, explaining to a producer that she was resting, as she was dealing with symptoms associated with her PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) diagnosis. He explained that she was especially in need of a rest as she has been dealing with insomnia as well, another issue that stems from the gas station shooting. Later on, Bookout noted that she has to get to the root of her issues, as she doesn't want it to be 10 years down the line and she's still attempting to navigate them.

She first spoke with two PCOS advocates, who both advised her to make some lifestyle changes so that she could better deal with her symptoms. They also encouraged her to seek out a professional counselor who can help Bookout with making a plan of action. The Teen Mom star took their advice and spoke to the counselor, who helped to encourage her to make changes to both her diet and her sleep routine. Bookout noted that she didn't have the best diet, as she would often skip breakfast and enjoy fast food for lunch. After the counselor urged her to incorporate well-rounded meals into her diet, Bookout wasted no time in doing exactly that. She could later be seen making fruit-filled protein shakes and enjoying a healthy salad while out to lunch with her husband. She expressed that she was feeling better, but noted that it will still be a process. 


Bookout has been making some great strides in her battle with PTSD. Earlier in the season, she sought out help from a therapist to talk through the ordeal. During their chat, Bookout mentioned that she was interested in going back to the gas station at the center of the issue. She wanted to visit the location in order to overcome her fears. While she was very hesitant about returning to the scene, she was able to do so with McKinney by her side.