'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Reveals Why She Refuses to Bring Kids to MTV Reunion Specials

Don't hold your breath expecting to see Kailyn Lowry showcasing her children at any Teen Mom 2 reunions. Lowry spoke on her podcast, Coffee Convos, about why she refuses to let any of her three kids appear on the network's reunion shows moving forward. She is not comfortable letting her children in on "all the drama" that goes on with the series.

"I started refusing to bring the kids because of all the drama and I think the other cast members felt the same way or they had the same reservations around the same time," Lowry said on her podcast.

She went into how the length of the shows also played a factor. Lowry cites that, "we were all in the studio with the kids for like 12 hours." Lowry admitted she'd love to be able to incorporate the kids because it used the whole cast "really seemed to be one big family," and she knows viewers of the show enjoyed seeing the kids interactions.

But the drama and the demands of the reunion shows took its toll. This, of course, has caused a lost connection between the families.

"The kids don't see each other — they don't remember each other. It's pretty sad to think about, considering longtime viewers of the show will recall that the kids used to come out on stage together during the reunion and interact with one another. The cast really seemed to be one big family, but that's obviously changed over time."

Previously on her podcast, Lowry responded to a comment made by her ex, Jo Rivera, about a possible custody violation. Prior to the altercation, the two had seemingly gotten over their rough patch. Lowry was seen at Rivera's wedding in 2018.

Lowry has three children: Isaac, 9; Lincoln, 5; and Lux, 1. Fans of the show have watched Lowry navigate through a pretty hectic love life over the years with all three children coming from three different fathers.


Since filming, Lowry has gone on to become a New York Times best-selling author. She has written a handful of books, including A Letter of Love, Hustle and Heart, and Pride Over Pity.

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