'Sister Wives': Will the Brown Family Return for Another Season?

Sister Wives fans are unsure what the future holds for the Browns amid off-screen drama in the [...]

Sister Wives fans are unsure what the future holds for the Browns amid off-screen drama in the polygamous family.

The most recent season of the TLC series ended with the family moving to Flagstaff, Arizona from their Nevada home. But since their actual move in summer 2018, the Browns have reportedly been dealing with a number of financial difficulties.

A recent Radar Online report revealed that the Browns are in trouble with the Coconino County Treasurer's Office over their failure to pay taxes on the land on which their family lives.

According to documents obtained by the outlet, the land owned by Kody and wives Robyn and Christine failed to pay taxes of more than $2,063 last year, accruing interest to the point of more than $2,146. In addition, the land owned by Kody, Janelle and Meri owes an initial amount of $1,990 with an interest of $79.63. All this, plus an additional $1,418 in taxes puts the TLC family at more than $5,634 in the hole with the county alone.

With this financial burden, it seems likely that the Brown family would be more than happy to be film another season, but as InTouch Weekly reported recently, there have been no rumors of filming at the family's new Flagstaff home about a year after the move was filmed.

This, in addition to declining viewership, makes the Browns' TV future uncertain, as Soap Dirt, reported that while the series used to draw in about 2.5 million viewers per week during earlier years, recent seasons have brought in just 1.8 million.

Heavy also reported that ahead of Season 12, a source close to production claimed Kody allowed the network to cut the family's pay significantly, from $180,000 per adult personality to $180,000 for the entire group. With the network also premiering the series Seeking Sister Wife, which also features polygamous families, some fans have theorized TLC has been phasing in something to fill a potential void from the long-running show.

Even one of the show's stars, Meri Brown, has been accused of trying to make a break from her family as she opened her own bed and breakfast in Utah, far away from the rest of the wives.

"You really thought that I was leaving and that's why I was wanting it?" Meri asked husband Kody during the most recent season reunion after he accused her of "looking for an out."

And while she denied the rumor, Christine explained she still didn't think Meri felt fully at home.

"I can tell Meri every day that you have a place in this family, but until she believes she has a place in the family, she never will," she explained.

Photo credit: TLC