Rob Kardashian Reportedly 'Struggling' With His Health

While his sisters remain busy on social media and television, Rob Kardashian has remained out of the spotlight. A source says he is going through a difficult time.

The 30-year-old is "in a sad state," a source told PEOPLE Tuesday. The anonymous source said he "only cares about" his one-year-old daughter Dream.

"He only cares about Dream and loves spending time with her, but that's about it," the source told PEOPLE. "He doesn't seem excited about anything else."

The source said Rob is "still struggling with his health" and is not dating. He "keeps himself isolated" and only the only people he socializes with are his family.

Rob is also getting some help from his mother, Kris Jenner, to raise Dream. He is "still in disagreement when it comes to money" with Dream's mother, Blac Chyna.

Rob's only social media presence is his Twitter account, where he mostly posts new photos of Dream. His most recent posts have been advertisements for hats.

It's been five months since Rob posted explicit photos of Chyna on Twitter. In October, TMZ reported that Rob wanted to "get his life back" after reaching a custody arrangement with Chyna. As for Chyna, she's still suing Kim Kardashian, Jenner and Rob, claiming the family is responsible for Rob & Chyna getting cancelled. She has also accused Rob of physical abuse.


A source told PEOPLE in October that Rob was working with a nutritionist to get healthy and lose weight.

"It's like Rob is finally realizing the seriousness of being overweight and not taking care of himself," the source told the magazine. "His family has been pushing very hard for him to work on himself."