'RHOP's' Mia Thornton Reveals Belief Why Candiace Dillard Dislikes Ashley Darby

Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby have been feuding on and off since Dillard joined The Real Housewives of Potomac in Season 3. Though Dillard was introduced as Darby's friend when viewers were introduced to Dillard in her first season, they are practically enemies at this point. Darby tries her best to be civil with Dillard, but somehow, things always go array. Now, newcomer Mia Thornton is offering her opinion as to why Dillard has such an issue with Darby.

According to Thornton, Dillard is jealous of Darby. The revelation came during the recent After Show special where the cast discussed Dillard seemingly body-shaming Darby by calling her "wide-bodied." Dillard made the comments just weeks after Darby gave birth to her second child.

Karen Huger and Thornton talked about the moment, with Huger explaining she was disappointed in Dillard's remarks. Thornton also found the comments offensive.

"I have always known that Candiace, even without being there, has the knack for using her words to cut deep," Huger told Thronton. "And I am disappointed to hear that that happened here. But I am glad that I wasn't there because this has gotta move on. And I don't even understand what Candiace and Ashley's disconnect is now."

Thornton chimed in, telling Huger: "I understand their disconnect. Oh absolutely. Candiace is a spoiled brat. And Ashley, she's minding her own business in her penthouse."


Dillard previously told Entertainment Tonight where her problems with Darby stems from. She says after watching her first season back, she felt betrayed by Darby throwing shade her way in her confessionals. 

"We knew each other through the pageant world. As a friend, I have a standard of protocols. Loyalty is one of them," Dillard said. "For example, when Wendy [Osefo] came in, I welcomed with open arms," Dillard shares, contrasting her experience with Darby. "I introduced her to the group, I stood by her, I called her every other day, I made sure she was good, I checked in with her, I was her friend but I didn't get that from Ashley. Ashley brought me in, she dumped me on the side of the road, and then she was shading me in confessionals five minutes after I joined the cast. I didn't even see that until it aired. I was like, 'Wow. Who is this girl?'" RHOP airs every Sunday on Bravo at 8 PM EST.