'Property Brother' Jonathan Scott Opens up About Past Divorce

Property Brothers cast member Jonathan Scott did not hold back when it came to opening up about the pain in his first marriage with his new memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story.

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The HGTV personality worked with his twin brother Drew on the memoir, now a New York Times bestseller, which chronicles their life growing up in Canada to Property Brothers fame.

Scott, who has been mostly mum about his romantic past, got candid about his divorce from an airline-crew scheduler named Kelsey.

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Married in 2007, the couple had been together for more than six years when they got married, but called it quits two years later.

"I think when you are young and you don't really know what you want in life, you can commit to something and think at the time it is right," Scott told FOX News.

However, the failed relationship union gave him a new "perspective" on life.

"Anyone who has been through failed relationships — even people in successful relationships — understand that you gain perspective about what is important to you," he said.

While the 39-year-old has not spoken much about his divorce in the public eye, he felt it was necessary to mention in the biography.

"I never talked about my divorce before and anyone who has been through divorce before knows how painful that is," he said. "When I commit to something I commit 100 percent and knowing I failed and we just weren't meant to be together was difficult."

As someone who enjoys the motivational aspect and shares several positive quotes to his social media for fans and followers, he felt it was an important element to share with fans.

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"We said if we were going to do a memoir we were only going to do it if it was authentic and it was honest and we did not cut anything out, and we committed to that," he said. "The book shows the highs and the lows."

While Scott highlights the pain he felt in that relationship and the difficulties of failing once, he is not dwelling on the past and has had the courage to move on.

Since 2016, Scott has been dating Jacinta Kuznetsov.

"Jacinta and I are madly in love with each other. We are perfect for each other and stand each other's strengths and weaknesses," he said. "I've always said I don't regret anything as long as I have learned from it. I think the past relationships I've had were very important learning scenarios in my life."

And while he has experienced divorce, he's still adamant on marriage.


"There is no situation in the world where I would shun marriage just because I had one that didn't work," he said. "You can have two good people who are just not good for each other and I've never been the type of person to wallow in misery."

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