'Mama June' Shannon and Boyfriend Geno Doak 'Trashed' Georgia Hotel Room, Left Everything in a 'Bloody Mess'

Reality TV star, "Mama June" Shannon and boyfriend, Geno Doak left a mess in their path during a recent hotel stay in Georgia. The troubled reality television personalities reportedly "trashed" a hotel room in Georgia and caused nearly $1,000 in damages during a "fiery argument." Reports say the couple left a mirror shattered with what appeared to be a blood-stained handprint among the ruins of the room.

Authorities responded to the FairBridge Inn & Suites in Southern Atlanta and found the room had been completely trashed, with garbage thrown around the floor the bed had been left completely stripped.

Take a look at photos, posted by The Daily Mail here.

The outlet reported empty bags and paper were left on countertops and an empty case of beer was left behind under the sink. A source told the publication that while the cops went to the scene, there was no official police report and no arrests. TMZ reported Shannon's family is "deeply concerned" about the reality star following her crack cocaine arrest earlier this year.

"Mama June has been in and out of communication with her loved ones over the last few weeks ... bouncing from hotel to hotel," a source told the publication earlier this year, after the family's relationship became estranged following June's legal trouble.

Shannon and Doak have reportedly been staying at hotels and, for a time, were reportedly driving around an RV after selling her Georgia home for $100,000 cash. The drama comes a couple of months since the couple pleaded not guilty to crack cocaine possession but are still both facing charges of felony drug possession after they were arrested in March in Alabama.

Police were called to a gas station over an apparent domestic dispute between the two at the time, but when they searched the car they found crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Her daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson has been living with her 19-year-old sister Pumpkin since 2017, and producers have reportedly struggled to try and help Shannon.


The family staged an intervention, which was included in the most recent season of Mama June: From Not to Hot. After that went wrong, the family and producers have stayed away from the couple. The series has not been officially canceled, though WE tv has not announced when a new season would star production, and given Shannon's legal drama, it is not likely it will happen any time soon.

Photo credit: Getty Images