'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Quits, Lashes out at Producers

Shekinah Jo is done with Love & Hip Hop. The current season of VH1: Family Reunion, which reunites old cast members from the Love & Hip Hop franchise who've had issues with one another, has shown Jo has major blowups with several co-stars. And after being physically attacked by Lyrica Anderson in the latest episode, she's airing out her frustrations with producers on the show in an Instagram live video.

Of the fight with Anderson, she says producers didn't have good editing. "I kept asking them producers and stuff, I kept saying, 'Whatever y'all do, y'all better show me hitting this *** back. Oh, we're gonna show you Shekinah. We're gonna make sure,'" she said per Urban Belle Magazine. She added: "At the end of the day, baby I'ma Black woman, living in a Black world. You cannot have this like I hit this *** back. You gon have to show me hitting this *** back. Don't play with me like that. 'Oh, we got you, we got you.' Come on man. They ain't even show that ****." According to Jo, Anderson said disrespectful and demanding things to her, including calling her a "nothing ***, bottom *** hairstylist." 

Jo says she doesn't feel valued by producers. She added: "I feel unappreciated and I'ma take my unappreciated *** and get the **** on because I feel real unappreciated. Yeah, this is a real ******* slap to my face. Yeah, it was…cause when you think about it, something like, it was a slap. A real slap. So, it is what it is. I done been disrespected by too many people. And I'm cool. I'm straight. I ain't nobody's do *****, I ain't nobody's push around *****, I ain't a **** who cares about what anybody got going on for real, for real. I do this **** for entertainment purposes. For real. But it's like I beg to differ…I'm straight," noting she quits the show.

Jo rose to fame as the sidekick of Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, member of Xscape and the wife of rapper T.I. Tiny and Cottle met when Jo was a celebrity hairstylist. Their fallout occurred amid Tiny and T.I.'s sexual misconduct allegations.

Jo has since accused T.I. of mistreating her and harassing her for years, and claims he's the reason she hates men. She also says Tiny used her as a scapegoat to evade criticism from the public. Tiny says Jo doesn't have much proof of such allegations and has largely ignored Jo's comments.