Kim Zolciak Biermann Almost Got Dumped by Husband Kroy Biermann 8 Years Ago

Kim Zolciak Biermann and husband Kroy Biermann are happily married with six children, but their happy ending almost didn't happen after Biermann tried to call things off shortly after the pair started dating.

Zolciak Biermann teased the story on Instagram Thursday with a photo of her husband wearing a black Speedo and taking an outdoor shower.

"Yes please! For the love of God! Wet n Wild Wednesday!" the reality star wrote. "@kroybiermann Fun Fact: Today 8 years ago Kroy TRIED to break up with me. that lasted only 24hrs grateful for you baby! My ride or die, my rock, my heart, the best daddy ever and you are the hottest man I ever did see #ImGreatWithDates #IRememberEverything TUNE IN TO "HOUSE OF KIM" my new podcast episode dropping today to find out why he tried me..."

(Photo: Instagram / @kimzolciakbiermann)

Zolciak Biermann delivered on her promise with her podcast when she revealed that the athlete got cold feet due to the amount of media coverage the reality star was receiving.

"He was going to play a pre-season game or something like that," the mom of six recalled. "But we had gone out a couple of times and people had cameras out, and somebody was like, 'They're in Whole Foods together,' and they were posting on Twitter."

"It was definitely a lot for everybody to handle," she continued. "I was doing a photo shoot because I got new boobs back then, and I was doing a photo shoot for the cover a magazine. Everything's great! Or so I thought."

At the photoshoot, Zolciak-Biermann received a text from her now-husband in which he seemingly ended things.

"It was probably something to the effect of: 'Hey, just wanted to let you know it might be in our best interest to go our separate ways,'" shared Biermann, who was also on the podcast.

"That's exactly what it said!" his wife chimed in. "You jerk!"

Zolciak-Biermann shared that the text affected her mindset during the photoshoot as well as that evening.

"So, I can't sleep that whole night which is totally out of character for me," she shared. "So the next day, I think the next day you sent me flowers [and a note saying] can we talk, and the rest is history. Literally history. He thought he was slick, y'all."

"You clearly realized very quickly you made a very big mistake," she noted to her husband.

Clearly, things worked out for the best, as the pair are now married and share four children — KJ, Kash, Kaia and Kane. Biermann also legally adopted his wife's daughters Brielle and Ariana.


Photo Credit: Instagram / @kimzolciakbiermann