Will Khloe Kardashian Have a Boy or a Girl?

Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy is officially confirmed, and now the big unknown factor is what gender the child will be.

Kardashian and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson dropped the news without any hint of what the gender will be, but there have been three major hints as to what the gender could be.

The first hint comes from Us Weekly, who reports that "multiple sources" told them it was a boy. There was no other context surrounding that report except those anonymous sources.

The second and third hints came from Khloé herself, but they completely contradicts that report.

The first comes in the form of a November Instagram post that showed her holding a bouquet of pink flowers. Secondly, she recently released a special Kylie Cosmetics package that was all about the color pink.

People think these two pink-inspired hints mean that the couple is expecting a girl.

Despite these clues, we'll just have to wait for the couple to break the news themselves.


Photo Credit: E! Entertainment / Nicole Weingart