Julie Chen Says Omarosa 'Played up' Asthma Attack on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Julie Chen, the host of Celebrity Big Brother, isn't feeling too sympathetic for Omarosa Manigault, who had to leave the house for medical attention following an asthma attack last weekend.

Chen gave a status report on the season so far during an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday. The 48-year-old TV personality said it was crystal clear why Manigault insisted on going to the hospital on Friday, and she didn't feel the need to sugar coat it.

"For me, I was really hoping Omarosa was exaggerating her need for medical attention so she could get back in the game," Chen confessed. "I mean, Christmas went back in after a broken foot. My suspicion was that although Omarosa truly had an asthma attack, she played up the severity of it after it passed, to milk it for drama, attention, sympathy, and safety from eviction."

Chen's not the only one — fans were enraged by Manigault's high-maintenance move, some even accusing her of faking the asthma attack entirely. Manigault's troubles began during the Head of Household competition on Friday night, which involved contestants spinning around until they were dizzy and then trying to bowl. Manigault returned to the Big Brother house on Monday.

Outside of the reality TV show's parameters, Manigault is under fire for her alleged ruthlessness toward Piers Morgan. The British journalist wrote a lengthy essay about Manigault for DailyMail, describing her aggressive behavior when they filmed Celebrity Apprentice together in 2008.


According to Morgan, Manigault approached him as soon as the show began to ask if he wanted to contrive a "showmance." When Morgan declined, he says Manigault proceeded to undermine and insult him at every turn, calling his sexuality into question and repeatedly taunting him over his divorce. Morgan wondered how she ever made it into the White House.

Manigault may not work in the West Wing anymore, but she has plenty to say about the year that she did. She warned Ross Matthews that things in the nation's capitol are even worse than they appear, and she said that if President Trump is somehow impeached, Vice President Mike Pence will only be worse.