People Think Joy-Anna Duggar Looked Too Pregnant at Joseph and Kendra's Wedding

Fans of Counting On weren't all keeping their eyes on the bride during this Monday's season finale, which chronicled Joseph and Kendra's wedding.

Instead, they were checking out Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth's baby bump, which many fans thought looked a bit big for only being married for less than four months.

Joy-Anna and her husband Austin have been accused of having a shotgun wedding in the past, especially after they moved their wedding up nearly six months from October 2017 to May.

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The Duggar family belongs to a super conservative faction of Christianity known as independent Baptists. One of their core tenants is remaining chaste until marriage with everything from hugging full-on to having sex.


Some fans think Joy-Anna and Austin might have broken that tenant.

Joy-Anna has been pretty open with her pregnancy journey on Instagram. Duggar conspiracy theorists will just have to wait to see how the timeline lines up when she gives birth.