Jon Gosselin Claims Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Kate Has Cost Him $1.3M

It's been 11 years since Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin ended their marriage, but it appears that even though there's been a decade's worth of time since their divorce, they're still battling it out in court. Gosselin has revealed that he's probably spent $1.3 million in court battles over the years and says he goes to court around once a month. Although it's been a long journey that still isn't over, he says it has gotten easier over time since the kids are much older now and can decide for themselves where they want to live.

"I've been going to court for 12 years, so it's not an easy battle," he revealed on his podcast First Class Fatherhood according to Entertainment Tonight. "I had shared custody, I lost some kids, I had joint legal, I lost legal, I got legal back. ... When Hannah was 12 years old she wanted to live with me, so then I had to go get legal again, and then I got shared custody. And then, all of a sudden now, I got primary of her."

"I've been through nine attorneys," he continued. "I've probably spent $1.3 million in court, back and forth with everything else. And then I got sole custody of Collin."

He and Kate share 19-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn, along with 15-year-old sextuplets Leah, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Aaden.

"It's a long battle. I just didn't give up and I'm still not gonna give up... I pretty much go to court every month over some custody dispute or something like that. It's getting better now that the kids are getting older. So what my attorneys and hers decided is [that] custody is left up to my children. So, if they decide to go live with mom or they decide to live with dad, it's up to them," he explained.

Currently, Hannah and Collin are under his roof but says "there could be more [kids] that come." He and Kate also have something that works well for them and that's to have a guardian ad litem, which acts as a "third parent" so when decision-making gets hard between them, the guardian ad litem can step in and make the decision of behalf of the court.


"Now we do have a guardian ad litem, so it's like having a third parent," he continued. "So if there is a dispute between mom and dad, they can always call the guardian ad litem and she is a representative of the court and the judge, so she can make a better decision... which has changed everything."

While that has eased things up for both Gosselin and Kate a little bit, the issue that they're struggling with now is the non-communication between family members. Currently, Collin isn't speaking to his other siblings, which makes things challenging, however, Hannah has some communication. Gosselin says the process has been "very tumultuous" but having the guardian ad litem has helped with some of that.