Jenelle Evans and David Eason 911 Call Claims Grandmother Barbara Locked Daughter Ensley in Bedroom

Amid Jenelle Evans and David Eason's custody battle for their children, footage from a 911 call [...]

Amid Jenelle Evans and David Eason's custody battle for their children, footage from a 911 call was published by TMZ showing Eason claim that Evans' mother locked their 2-year-old daughter in a bedroom and couldn't get the door open.

In the audio, Eason can be heard telling the dispatcher that Evans' mother, Barbara Evans, locked Ensley in a room so she could take a shower. "My mother-in-law has locked my 2-year-old child in the bedroom so that she could take a shower and now she can't get the door open and my child is freaking out," th Teen Mom 2 alum said. "She's been screaming on the phone for the past five to 10 minutes."

Eason, who was not at Barbara's North Carolina home at the time, said that Evans' 9-year-old son Jace told him what happened when Ensley was locked in. Barbara has had custody of Jace, whom Evans had with ex Andrew Lewis, for most of Jace's life.

After the dispatcher sent officers to Barbara's home and promised to update Eason with the outcome, Eason asked if the dispatcher could file a report with Child Protective Services, but was told he would have to do so independently.

TMZ reports that Barbara was eventually able to get Ensley out on her own. It's unclear when the 911 call took place, although it's possible it was in recent weeks while Barbara has had Ensley in her care after a judge ruled that Evans and Eason's children (Ensley, 2, Kaiser, 5, and Maryssa, 11) should not live with them for the time being. The ruling came after Eason admitted to shooting and killing the family dog after it allegedly nipped at Ensley.

In another 911 call published by TMZ, Evans asked police to conduct a welfare check at Barbara's home after she said she heard lots of screaming and yelling in the background when she called Barbara to check on Ensley and Jace. She claimed that Barbara hung up the phone and wouldn't answer any more of her calls.

Evans reportedly believes that her kids are at risk with her mother because of her brother, Colin, who has been involved in at least eight police interactions since February. Police records show that Colin has called police to report possible break-ins, trespassers and stalkers at his home, and also claimed that someone had been putting chemicals in his water. Additionally, a woman reported to police that Colin approached her while she was taking photos in the woods and accused her of photographing him and his home. Police reportedly advised him to "leave people alone."

Evans and Eason are currently attempting to regain custody of their kids and were due in court on Monday for custody hearings.