Jenelle Evans Blames Bad Reputation on 'Teen Mom 2' Editing

Jenelle Evans isn't who she comes across as on Teen Mom 2...or at least she claims so.

The controversial MTV star regularly garners the criticism of viewers who have scorned her relationship with mom Barbara, husband David Eason and kids, Jace, 8, Kaiser, 3, and Ensley, 1, over the years. But she claims that the famous family isn't in as much chaos as the reality show makes it seem.

On Saturday, she took to Twitter to voice her opinion on how she feels she has been wronged by the Teen Mom producers over the years.

"I really wish I was respected more by everyone, including society. But everyone just hates me [because] of [MTV] portraying me the way they want. I wish you were able to see my life through my eyes for once [sad emoji]," she wrote. "I know who I am and how my family is, and it's not what [MTV] shows."

But fans weren't buying it, telling Evans that there's no way her actions could be twisted to the point that they are shown on TV.

"So are you saying MTV made all that up and edited all the fights with your mom to make you look bad?" one user responded. "I have watched you since the beginning, and was really hoping you would get it together, but it's gone from bad to worse. You need to hug your mom and treat her with respect."

Another added, "Blame mtv all you want but police reports, court documents and hospital birth records that prove you used drugs when you were pregnant says it all. Be a grown woman and take responsibility for what you have done, stop blaming everyone else. Narcissism at its finest [eyeroll emoji]."

Evans even clapped back to one person, who called her out for denying actions clearly seen on the show.

"Half the time we are mad ... the attitude comes from cameras being in your face, anxiety builds, then you want them away," she wrote. "They only want the bad things. Nothing is about preventing pregnancy anymore."

So is the MTV star just getting a bad rap? Or is she engaging in some pretty serious denial? Let us know in the comment section.


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV