'Survivor' Winner Ethan Zohn Shares His Past Isolation Experience Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (Exclusive)

Ethan Zohn has been on the CBS Show Survivor three times, as he was the winner of the third season, which took place in Africa. But one of the other things Zohn is known for is being a two-time cancer survivor, and he has been cancer-free for the last eight years. Because of his two battles with cancer, Zohn knows all about being isolated from people, which is something the entire world is going through due to the current coronavirus pandemic. PopCulture.com recently spoke to Zohn, and he talked about his isolation experience during his first battle with cancer.

"I feel like I'm an expert in being in isolation," he said. "Having gone through cancer twice. One of my stem cell transplants I was mandated to stay in what we call the bubble for 100 days. So I have experience in being in isolation." In 2009, Zohn was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called CD20+ Hodgkin's lymphoma. Along with chemotherapy and several stem cell treatments, his cancer went into remission, only to return. He was able to beat it again, and he has been cancer-free since 2012.

One of the other things Zohn did during his treatment was he started using cannabis to help alleviate some of the pain he was dealing with due to the side effects of the treatments. The cannabis helped Zohn be more relaxed, and it led to him investing in the product. "It really calmed me down," Zohn said. "It got me away from some of the pharmaceuticals I was taking. Because I had such a good experience with CBD, and I really wanted to try something a little more natural, from the Earth. I invested in a 116-acre hemp farm in Vermont with Anthony Sullivan and Dave Christian."

The farm has led to Sullivan and Christan starting a company called Montkush, and a reality show about the company and farm is set to air this year. Zohn said: "It's a real exciting time for us. There's not any other reality television program out there circling around the process of building a farm from nothing to a fully functioning feed-to-sell CBD company."


Zohn was recently on Survivor: Winners at War, which is currently airing on CBS Wednesday nights. He may have come up short of winning the $2 million, as he was the fourth person voted off the show, but he has done his share of winning in the last 20 years.