'DWTS' Winner Jordan Fisher on 'Juniors' Co-Hosting Gig: 'I Jumped on It'

Jordan Fisher considers hosting Dancing With the Stars: Juniors the most fulfilling gig he's had [...]

Jordan Fisher considers hosting Dancing With the Stars: Juniors the most fulfilling gig he's had so far in his career.

The co-host — who previously won the 25th season of Dancing With the Stars — opened up to PopCulture.com exclusively about spending the summer working on the new reality series, and how Juniors filled a missing for the franchise.

Fisher was approached about co-hosting the new DWTS spinoff shortly after wrapping the tour following his own mirrorball trophy win.

"They called, they were like, 'Hey, we've got this new format we want to try out. We're really excited about it, we think it could be really great. Junior celebs, junior pros, all of the pros on the show will act as mentors...' I jumped on it," Fisher told PopCulture.com in a telephone interview, Oct. 23.

"The element that has been missing missing for years since the inception of the show has been the kids, in my opinion" he added. "We didn't know that until we gave it a shot. Since we did it now the family's complete... I love it, I'll do it until I'm 100."

The singer, dancer and actor revealed the hardest part abut hosting the series was the weekly eliminations.

"There was a 10-minute block where there's a turnaround on set and everybody's getting set to vote... I would always go to my dressing room or go to the bathroom 'cause I thought that I was gonna throw up every episode," Fisher admitted. "I would make my way to my dressing room, I would shut the door behind me, I'd take some deep breaths because I was the guy that had to say, 'Hey listen, your time at the most fun summer camp of your entire life is over.'"

Something that audiences don't know, Fisher revealed, was that eliminated contestants were allowed to stay on set and staying at the complex so they could continue to support their fellow young cast members.

"That culture was so important to have that environment cultivated for them where they all got to continue to love each other and have fun and be together, that was a very important aspect where the success of the show was concerned," Fisher said. "'Cause they needed each other, they were all leaning on each other, they're together every day. That made their ride a little smoother."

Much like its parent series, Dancing With the Stars: Juniors divides its episodes with lavish themes. Sunday's upcoming episode will be "Halloween Night," though Fisher teased the upcoming Juniors Choice night as one nit to miss.

"The kids actually get to be a part of the creative [process] and helped dig their ideas out," he said "If they wanted to jump in and help choreograph a little bit, if they wanted to help with wardrobe and design and that kind of thing, that's something that ... it was a ton of fun to watch."

Dancing With the Stars: Juniors airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.