David Eason Takes off Wedding Ring in New Photos Following Split From 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans

David Eason's marriage to Jenelle Evans is over — at least, symbolically. The ex Teen Mom 2 star [...]

David Eason's marriage to Jenelle Evans is over — at least, symbolically. The ex Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram on Wednesday to share that he had removed his wedding ring, just a day after Evans filed a temporary restraining order against him.

(Photo: @easondavid88)

Despite that restraining order prohibiting him from posting about Evans on social media, Eason, 31, shared a close-up photo of his left ring finger with the wedding band still on. "I guess I can take this off now," he captioned the photo with a frowny face emoji. The next snapshot, in which he removed the ring, showed a callous on his finger. "Its (sic) gonna take some time for that finger to heal up," he wrote.

The melancholy post comes a day after Evans, 27, took legal action to keep Eason away from her and her children, obtaining a temporary restraining order against him. That report of the legal development came a few hours after Eason said he was going to file a missing person's report after Evans left him.

(Photo: @easondavid88)

Court documents obtained by E! News, which reveal that Evans and the children have left their North Carolina home and are currently living in Tennessee, also revealed that Evans accused her ex of physical and verbal abuse, logging 11 alleged incidents and claiming that his threats have "escalated."

"Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children's well-being," she wrote.

The order of protection was reportedly issued on behalf of Evans and her three kids, 10-year-old Jace, 5-year-old Kaiser and 2-year-old Ensley, the latter of whom she shares with Eason.

Among the examples of the abuse, Evans listed Eason destroying her property and killing her dog, Nugget, which previously admitted to doing on Instagram. The incident led the couple to temporarily lose custody of her kids back in April, also leading to her firing from Teen Mom 2.

She also reportedly cited an incident from February when Eason allegedly told her: "You can die for all I care. You're a piece of s—. Bigest piece of s— I've ever seen."

Evans claimed she recorded Eason's words, who then allegedly locked Kaiser in their running vehicle.

"While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser," Evans alleged.

She also cited an instance in which Eason allegedly accused her of cheating, sending her a photo of an unidentified man and writing, "This is your new boyfriend. I'm going to break his neck and feed you his head." He then allegedly continued to text her writing, "My goal in life is to make sure you regret leaving me like this."

"Given his actions," Evans said in the documents, "and knowing his temperament, I believe he was implying that he would kill himself if I do not come back to him... For all of these reasons, I'm afraid that David will harm me or my children, and that he will continue to threaten me using text messages, phone calls or on the internet."

The order awards temporary custody to Evans and orders Eason have no contact with his estranged wife or her children. Evans has also requested Eason pay for attorney's fees as the case continues.