Who Will Win 'Dancing With the Stars'?

The Dancing With the Stars finale is finally here, and one of the talented couples will be taking home the Mirrorball at the end of Tuesday night's episode.

The remaining celebrities are Jordan Fisher (with Lindsay Arnold), Frankie Muniz (with Witney Carson), Lindsey Stirling (with Mark Ballas). They each have a fair shot at winning, so let's break down each couple's odds.

Fisher and Arnold

Fisher and Arnold have been the clear favorites to win from the start of the season, but that doesn't been it will be an easy victory.

The couple scored a perfect judges' score of 80 on the first part of the finale Monday night, but so did Stirling and Ballas. Furthermore, the couple's second-night performance could always falter due to Fisher's eye injury and Arnold's leg injury, which almost knocked them out of the competition a few weeks ago.

The couple has been fan favorites, and the judges like them, so it's easy to say they're the clear favorites. However, these two disadvantages paired with Fisher's lesser name recognition could be give them a heartbreaking second or third place.

Muniz and Carson

Muniz and Carson have been crowdpleasers due to their fast improvement over the season, and the actor's growing confidence week-to-week has made them a treat to watch.

In addition to their underdog factor, Muniz has more name recognition than the other two celebs due to his roles on Malcolm in the Middle and other projects.

However, the couple is third in the current judges' standings with only a 76. This puts them at a slight disadvantage, but that can always change.

Stirling and Ballas

If there's anyone who can steal Fisher and Arnold's Mirrorball, it's Stirling and Ballas.

The musician has been consistently impressive week-to-week and has conquered some potentially catastrophic injuries. She's gotten a fair amount of fan support due to her music career, and the pair is currently tied for the top in the judges' standings with a perfect score of 80.


While Fisher and Arnold are certainly the favorites in many viewers' eyes, don't be surprised if Stirling and Ballas pull off the upset if their peers have any missteps.

Dancing With the Stars' finale will air Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.