'Dancing With the Stars': Dr. Anthony Fauci Declines Offer to Join Season 29 Cast

Dancing With the Stars is weeks away from the Season 29 premiere, which will fall on Sept. 14. As of right now, the show has yet to reveal its full casting line-up. According to E! News, there are a few celebrities who are in talks to appear in the competition. But, there is one individual in particular who you will not see busting a move on the dance floor this fall — Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci, a world-renowned immunologist who has been offering his guidance as the United States deals with the coronavirus pandemic, was reportedly approached about a spot on Season 29 of DWTS. However, he declined and will not appear on the dancing series. This news comes about two months after it was initially reported that DWTS approached the medical expert about possibly competing on the show. In late June, the Daily Mail reported that the show's approach to Fauci was "informal," as they were simply gauging whether he would be interested in the opportunity.

A spokesperson for the doctor later issued a statement in which they expressed that he would not be competing on the show if he was offered a spot on the cast. They said, "Dr. Fauci has not received a formal invitation from Dancing with the Stars. Dr. Fauci, while flattered, would respectfully decline." While their statement stressed that Fauci would not compete on the show, a source close to DWTS said that he would be the perfect addition to the cast if he was down to do it. They shared that Fauci's appearance would serve a similar role to Sean Spicer's casting on the most recent season of the ABC competition, a casting decision that was met with an abundance of criticism. "Dr. Fauci has become a national hero in the last few months, leading the charge for keeping Americans safe at the height of COVID-19," the source said.


The same source added, "He became not only one of our most trusted faces on television but also a man viewers looked to as an inspiration. And of course, he could be good for ratings. Like Sean Spicer, he is a lightning rod. So it was a natural step for show executives to reach out to him. Obviously they are aware that he has work responsibilities. Still, given that the show is likely to be recorded remotely, it allows him the opportunity to train and dance in Washington." The insider also noted that the producers were holding out hope that he would change his mind about appearing on the show. Alas, based on E! News' recent report, Fauci won't be competing for the Mirrorball Trophy anytime soon.